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Assess and Certify Vocational Skills

People without recognised vocational qualifications don’t have an easy time of it in working world. They lack formal recognition of their professional skills. And if they become unemployed, this can be an especially tangible problem, because they’ll be easily overlooked or undervalued on the job market.

The "ValiKom" development project was launched with the aim of increasing skill visibility and thus increasing opportunities for applicants on the job market. Four Chambers of Skilled Crafts and four Chambers of Commerce and Industry designed a joint procedure to assess and certify (validate) vocational skills acquired outside the formal education system. At the end of the procedure, the relevant chamber will issue a certificate to confirm and attest the vocational skills acquired by the certificate holder.

Would you like to take part in the validation procedure? Click here for more information.


Show your vocational skills - Gain insight into the validation procedures


The short film »Können sichtbar machen« presents the aim and process of the validation procedure which was developed by the ValiKom project. It shows a tile and mosaic layer and a restaurant specialist who passed the validation procedure. Advisors, experts and employer talk about different aspects of the procedure (available only in German).

Click here for a short version of the film. Three more practical examples can be found here (available only in German).



The validation procedure...

… enables vocational skills to be identified, documented, assessed and certified.

… enables you to obtain a certificate that documents whether your skills comply partially or fully with the necessary requirements for a recognised vocational qualification.

… is aimed at those who have acquired vocational skills, but cannot prove this with formal documents (e.g. exam certificates).

… is provided by 32 chambers. Since november 2018 13 Chambers of Skilled Crafts, 17 Chambers of Trade and Industry and 2 Chambers of Agriculture are involved in the project »ValiKom Transfer«.